I had no idea I’d ever say this, but it’s good to have the War back.

It’s slightly different this time around. First off, it takes place on Sanhok—the smallest map in PUBG’s roster and with 5 teams of 10, so 50 people running around, this is already incredibly tight and messy.

Add to that the weapon limitations— shotguns and pistols only for starting gear and you have a brutal, merciless close-quarter combat scenario, uniquely accentuated  by Sanhok’s layout, with a cave system, tight corridors and thick jungles. There’s a twist to this however, as every 2 minutes care packages containing long range weapons like sniper rifles will drop, giving the players the opportunity to dispatch the people engaged in close combat from afar.

It’s a very interesting twist on the tried and tested formula and while PUBG is maybe somewhat lagging behind with innovation, it still delivers interesting things like this every now and then. The War 2.0 starts today and last until the end of the week.