Ok, maybe it isn’t “rolling” exactly, but let’s not split hairs.

Fortnite has a thing for long-winded even teasers, and this one is apparently another example of that. A huge purple cube appeared out in the wild, and it’s slowly… stomping? Rotating? Moving towards a currently not specified location. Lo0k how gracefully it moves!

What we know so far is that the cube is pretty bouncy on the top, fills your shields if you remain at a respectful distance, sends you flying if you don’t, and eagerly zaps those who shoot it.

What is the cube? Is it a gelatinous cube calcified and dyed purple? A building block of reality seeking the place if fits in? Half a Jenga brick seeking its other half? Thanos’ lunchbox? Who knows? We’ll likely learn it soon enough, until then you can spend your day watching it take one slow step every hour and a half or so (1 hour and 43 minutes, to be exact).