Back with more Darksiders news for you, because damn me if I don’t at least try to hype this game up to the point where it succeeds. This time we have some puzzles, a staple of the game after all.

Ah, the sound of that stinger at the end announcing a solved puzzle really is music to my ears. It’s nice to see a natural evolution of Darksider puzzles although I’m curious, because previously new abilities you acquired with your hero allowed you to tackle new puzzles, often making you backtrack. This is definitely still a thing but with Flame Hallow’s ability it looks like Fury can solve puzzles that would be solvable normally, in new ways.

Looks like they took a page out of Breath of the Wild and I like that. Not only does it mean you can solve certain puzzles in many different ways if you’re creative, it also means, if puzzles are not your thing, that you can backtrack later in the game and just brute force your way through the puzzles with newly acquired abilities. Fun!

Also the sword puzzles are back and like War, Fury can wield the sword in battle, which has some interesting implications, because War had the same animation as with his normal blade, while Fury usually wields a whip so that can change the dynamic of the combat in that section of the game. Will be interesting to see how far Nordic took this idea.

And I have to say, I don’t know if they were just playing with previous builds of the game before, but it definitely seems like something changed between now and then when it comes to graphics. The game looks visibly more polished, there’s a lot more detail and locations seem more interesting.

So all in all, I now have more faith than I ever did for this project. Good on you Nordic.