I am still very much excited for Rage 2, partially due to the sheer energy the game seems to be bursting with and partially due to the weird backlash it received for the technicolor hue of its punky antagonists’ hair, and I got a new toy today.

Looks like Borderlands on meth and there is nothing about that sentence I do not love. Although the presentation of the trailer, like a commercial straight out of the 60s, is something I can’t get completely behind, even if it’s hard to argue against its effectiveness.

We take a trip back to the orbital station mission, which has the player recalling a satellite, but this time we see a lot more of the combat and in particular special abilities. On that note I do like the slam and I’m now wondering if I could just go through the game using only the slam because there’s few things more epic than a superhero landing.

The new boomerang is also pretty interesting with its ability to circle around corners and hit enemies behind covers, but I have to say, when I’m armed with a shotgun seemingly shooting explosives, I don’t really feel like going for a flimsy boomerang.

We also saw a lot of the new vehicular combat, and open world which again looks very borderlandsy, although we didn’t see how much of customization there is to the different whips. I sure hope I can change weapons, decals and colors of my overpowered tank.

So yeah, this one seems on a solid track to greatness.