GamesCom is still going strong, but one final piece of information from QuakeCon before we let it go to rest. Have a video, courtesy of IGN.

Now to be fair, this one isn’t entirely on IGN—reportedly there was a problem where the devs weren’t able to make the game playable on mouse & keyboard, which is straight-up a crime against humanity. You don’t play a fast-paced FPS on a controller.

Now, unfortunately, we don’t get to see any driving or exploration, which is definitely a great shame, I definitely want to see vehicular destruction outside of a scripted trailer. What we did get, was a cramped corridor full of enemies, a showcase of some of the abilities and weapons. And on that note I do have to say, that shotgun really looks nice. I can feel the punch from way over here.

Also, the slam seems as awesome as I imagined it and I’m genuinely planning on doing what I shall dub ‘the slam playthrough’.