As I’ve mentioned some time ago, the grand Paris Championship will see the proper reveal of the two new Operators introduced in Grim Sky. That time is now, Maverick and Clash just got an extended trailer, which you can see above.

Of course as per usual, people are losing their minds exclaiming how OP both of these are and certainly it’s true that they could radically change the way Rainbow Six is played. Maverick especially sounds genuinely once you realize he can easily snipe people in complete surprise.

Clash on the other side seems like my type from start to finish. With the amount of tight corridors on these maps, I can just walk with the shield up high and not a care in the world. Fantastic. This right here is how you play Rainbow Six.

Anyhow, expect more still to come from the Paris Championship, including the detailed explanation of the changes made to the Heraford Base map.