A lot of new things are coming to Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. I have largely skipped on reporting those, because frankly Rainbow Six never was something that piqued my interest, but this time I might need to take a closer look.

Coinciding with some major updates the game has been receiving the past weeks and the introduction of mission Para Bellum, Rainbow Six receives a new map, new playable characters, new items and equipment, and new game mechanics in addition to general fixes (including a long-awaited drop-shooting fix).

And Ubisoft very much wants you to try these on, as the game is going to be available free this weekend, starting May 17th. It will be available for pre-download soon, just so you don’t have to waste any time getting into it.

Now, usually this wouldn’t amount reporting from me, but I do have to point out that this is another Tom Clancy’s title receiving a free weekend in succession, right after the Walmart Leaks came to our attention. Leaks that are all but confirmed with the release of Rage 2’s trailer by Bethesda. Which just means #NewSplinterCellConfirmed.