Some tweaks and fixes coming.

Ubisoft has announced that an update for Rainbow Six Siege is on its way in the coming hours. The patch is supposed to improve netcode and make some changes to three operators.



Kapkan will now be able to carry 5 entry denial devices and gets some changes to his tripwires – “The trip laser will fade to the extent of disappearing after deployment. This comes at a cost, as the traps will no longer be instant kills, dealing a 60 HP damage.”

Blitz will be allowed to sprint with his shield up – “We found it difficult to close the gap between some Defenders and Blitz, who needs proximity to use his shield flash.”

Ela, on the other hand, is getting toned down after analyzing her pick and win ratio. She will only get 3 Grzmot mines now as well as a nerf to her SMG.

There are also network improvements promised with focus on latency, pings and hit validation – take a full look at the changes here.