During the occasionally confusing Sony conference at E3 we saw an announcement of a pretty interesting project—a crossover event between Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series. The crossover begins now.

Now I know I should care about Rathalos, the giant fire-spewing dragon, but all I see is the cute Palico with its mouth open in exasperation and I know all is right in the world. On that note isn’t it kind of strange how and introduction of a boss from an entirely different game and a cat companion seem to fit right in Final Fantasy? I thought it was kind of strange.

The event will feature the big fight with Rathalos seen above with some new mechanics never before seen in an FF game and inspired by combat of Monster Hunter: World. Rathalos is a high-end enemy, only accessible by high-level players and then requires 8 players (but you can do 4, if you’re ballsy enough) so this is a toughie, to say the least.

But the rewards are totally worth it: armor, weapons and a mount are obvious and boring, the real star of the show is a Palico cat-companion which will stick with you. I can now have customizable cats in two Japanese games about giant monsters and fights using oversized weapons. My life is complete.

Monster Hunter: World is coming out on PCs tomorrow and similarly it will feature a new boss, inspired by FF’s Behemoth, new set of armor and new outfit for the cat. Unremarkably the last one is the only one that concerns me.