Unlike its excellent predecessor, the upcoming Western FPS Red Dead Redemption 2 might be coming to PC in short order. Maybe.

The information comes from site LinkedIn and can be summarized thusly- a developer working for Rockstar posted his resume, which included, among others, Read Dead Redemption 2. They listed platforms for these games and kalo kalay, PC is there.

This is of course entirely unsubstantiated and there is absolutely no way to corroborate this, although it should be noted that leaks through LinkedIn happened in the past, though in the end we’ll only know that it was true in hindsight. Rockstar likes to take their sweet time to port their games to PC lately, so it could take months or more.

But there is hope at least right? The console release or RDR 2 comes October 26th and fingers crossed we’ll at least get some info about PC release by that point.