Image credit: Dalle-3

If you looked at the new Battlefront games and were like “nah, I’ll pass,” you’ll be pleased to learn that the OG titles are making a comeback.

And these beloved vidya will be just like we remembered them. They’re the games from 2004 and 2005, respectively, just packed with some bonus content, like new maps and heroes. Once again, you’ll get to play the campaign centered around the exploits of the famous 501st Legion, conquer the galaxy in, well, Galactic Conquest, and play some single matches against AI. And once you’re ready, you can head over to the online lobby and test your mettle in battles for up to 64 players. Massive!

Additionally, the Hero Assault mode is playable on all ground maps available in the game for the first time ever.

So, if you’ve never had a chance to play one of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time, now is a perfect opportunity for that. Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection released March 14, 2024.