As reported throughly by the Windows Central, Microsoft is looking into new ways of showcasing the players’ progress through their Xbox Live accounts.

It’s been determined that gamerscore doesn’t reflect the gamers’ competitive achievements, nor players who dedicate most of their time to just one game. Thus far gamerscore was determined on the basis of how many achievements (each with an assigned score) a giver user had…achieved.

The new system, dubbed Carreer, is going to be much more expansive in scope, adequatly reflecting accomplishments across the board in the form of levels (including prestige ranks) and the bane of 2017 gaming: lootboxes. But don’t worry, they are supposed to be cosmetic, with additional gear for your avatar. They are likely to be obtained via a “quest” system, which has been teased as well.

Over all if you felt that your Xbox Live account doesn’t show properly what a great and dedicated gamer you are, the rework may be a solution. And hey, it’s always nice to have new stuff to plonk on you avatar and pretend that you know the first thing about aesthetics.

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“] Windows Central closes the report with the following:

While we continue to dig for information on whether this feature is in active development or simply a test run for something, take it with a pinch of salt. But it certainly looks as though this could be the accomplishment system Microsoft talked about previously.

And we urge you to do the same. After all it’s still all informed speculation at this point.