A sad news for the developers, but not so much for the gamers.

If you are an active PC player, you know that Denuvo happens to be present in many recent releases. One of them was an intriguing indie title, RiME. And while the original release was Denuvo-protected, that’s no longer the case. Here’s the introduction to the statement from developer team Grey Box:

We wanted to give you an update regarding the use of Denuvo anti-tamper software in RiME. Today, we got word that there was a crack which would bypass Denuvo. Upon receiving this news, we worked to test this and verify that it was, in fact, the case. We have now confirmed that it is. As such, we at Team Grey Box are following through on our promise from earlier this week that we will be replacing the current build of RiME with one that does not contain Denuvo.

While it is sad to read that people stole the game, it’s good that at least people who purchased a copy will have one obstacle less on their way to play RiME.