The car football game celebrates success and plans for 2018.

Game director Corey Davis announced on the title’s official website that Rocket League has been played by 38 million players already. Even if we take into account free to play weekends and multiple accounts on one system, the nuber is still extremely impressive.


Rocket League is now a couple of years old but by no means is the game stopping in its tracks. Davis outlined what the devs are planning to improve in the near future:

“We’ll be rolling out improved connection quality status information in the game client in 2018 that will tell you if you’re experiencing packet loss, latency variance, or legitimate game server performance issues”, Davis promises. “We’re looking into how we can allow the community to report servers they think are performing poorly to help us identify and resolve problems more quickly.”

Rozket League has had a steady and reliable stream of support so far and it seems like that will continue through 2018.