More and more information is pouring in about possibly the most hyped release of 2018—Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. We already have a short blurb of gameplay.

And now, Rockstar has revealed the cast of characters, via Twitter. They come with what could probably described as concept art and short, one-sentence statements that serve to describe their character. Like Borderlands, just taking itself more seriously.

They run the gamut of returning characters like Dutch Van Der Linde to never before seen characters like the mysterious and fancy Josiah Trelawny. Speaking of whom, he possibly has the best quote of the roster (“How can romance be silly? It’s all we have”) and he definitely piqued my personal interest. As it turns out, some people think he may be the Strange Man, a very mysterious character appearing in Red Dead Redemption and providing a very cryptic side-quest. The resemblance is definitely there.

There might be something to that, the Strange Man acts as if he knew Marston, and yet Marston does not recall him. Perhaps he’s something of a narrator in the sequel? Or maybe his role will be similarly cryptic. We don’t know. All I know he’s dapper and motivated by love.

Also, we got a Timmy everyone. I, of course, refer to the trope where a child character is present in the narrative and part of the drama comes from imparting morals unto the young, impressionable child with your actions. In that role we have a returning character—Jack Marston. But he’s much younger than in the original game of course.

Cool stuff. You can see the full cast of characters on Red Dead Redemption 2’s twitter channel.