…if you own the Season Pass, we should add. The final add-on awaits!

Rogue One: Scarif is the final expansion for Star Wars Battlefront. It’s available both to Season Pass and Ultimate Edition owners. If you don’t own any of them, the add-on will be available separately in two weeks.

Rogue One DLC includes four new maps set on the planet Scarif and in the space above. There’s also a new game mode with the following description:

A three-phased mode in which Rebels must first breach the shield surrounding Scarif by escorting a U-wing to the Shield Gate. Once they’ve landed, their objective is to create a diversion by blowing up an Imperial cargo ship. Immediately afterwards, the Rebels must complete their mission by stealing Imperial secrets and escaping.

EA DICE released a hefty patch to accompany the latest DLC. If you are wondering about the changes on your platform, check the full patch notes.