Four multiplayer maps and a fresh zombie episode are on the way.

Even though Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s sales aren’t as good as with Black Ops 3, there’s a full roadmap of additional content. Four map packs included in the Season Pass, to be specific. The first one, Sabotage, releases next year.

DLC1, as it is called, will be available on January 31st for PlayStation 4. There’s a juicy deal between Activision and Sony and you’ll have to wait if you own an XO/PC version. An additional month is a safe bet.

Sabotage contains four new maps:

  • Noir – futuristic Brooklyn warzone with three lanes;
  • Neon – “Z” shaped simulation with nice dissolving animation;
  • Renaissance – narrow streets of Venice are your next target;
  • Dominion – reimagined Afghan map from Modern Warfare 2.

There’s also Rave in the Redwood zombie episode. I won’t spoil you the surprise. Just check the trailer: