Sean Bean is certainly a man of many lives.

That much can be said about many actors, true, but Sean Bean is unique in that his characters tend to die often enough for people to wait for it to happen. At this point he’s probably typecast whenever there’s a cool character that needs to die, but he seems to be in good spirits. Good enough, indeed, to trash talk people who believed him dead.

We’re talking about the trailer for the Elusive Target in HITMAN 2, of course, but one can’t just ignore the sweet sass Mr Bean (probably a poor choice of words) give us. Take a gander yourself.

Hitman being what it is, of course, even this incarnation is probably going to be short-lived. You just don’t mock Agent 47 like that and expect staying alive (ah-ah-ah-ah) for long. Ask other people who wrong ol’ Tobias, assuming you’re a necromancer.

Anyway, Elusive Targets are one-off events in the rebooted Hitman franchise, by which we mean you have only one shot (shut up) at them before they disappear (isn’t this how it should work anyway?). You fail? They’re gone. You miss the window of opportunity when you can make an attempt? Too bad.

You’ll be able to off Sean BeanMark Faba starting on November 20th, and have only ten days (real world days) to kill him. With Hitman 2 coming out on November 13th you’ll havea good week to get used to the game.

Good luck, 47.