Following up on a leak from yesterday, Blizzard officially confirmed Overwatch‘s celebration party for the 22nd of May.

bBlizzard confirmed the return of last year’s brawls, past seasonal skins and emotes and as a bonus, as is customary for Blizzard’s games, a freebie will be available to everyone who logs in during the event, in the form of a Legendary Loot Box. Also, and this is something I did not expect, a new map has also been confirmed. I didn’t think they had another one in their backlog.

Additionally, from 25th to 28th of May, Overwatch will be available for download freely to everyone who holds a Blizzard account. This is a good opportunity to see for yourselves what the buzz is about.

Finally, an updated edition of Overwatch, the Legendary Edition, will be released on 22nd, coinciding with the event. Said Legendary Edition contains a selection of Legendary, Epic and Origin skins. So if you really care about skins you can spend a lot of money to get them? Weird, I thought they were just cosmetics without impact on the game, strange that someone would buy the game for skins that… Aren’t supposed to be important for the game.