God of War (4) has not been out for over a week, but apparently people are still finding new things hidden in the game.

The internet, which famously had solved P.T. in a day when Kojima believed it would take months, is amazing at finding things. With regards to that, players were able to locate secret loot in the new God of War game.

It started with a special, physical item added to one of the game’s collector’s edition, Stonemason’s Edition– an artistic, cloth map of the game. The map contained runic text, which although at first thought to be just decorative, turned out to be much, much more.

When translated (because of course you can translate runes, it’s a standard google translate feature), the map describes a journey Brok and Sindri underwent to find a great treasure, but subsequently lost it and forgot the way.

People took to Reddit to investigate. Their search took them to Muspelheim, where they discovered a strange puzzle that, when solved, opens a secret storage rift, from which you can grab the Forbidden Grip of the Ages.

The developers were quick to respond to this discovery with a congratulatory tweet



Good for you brave wanderers, your search has bore fruits of success.