Javelin abilities have been revealed, at least some of them.

So, Anthem, yeah? BioWare upcoming sort-of open world kind-of action RPG with mech suits, jetpacks, aliens, and bandits has been a bit secretive so far, but that’s probably for the best. Nobody’s expectations are going to be needlessly inflated, which has certainly caused some strife for BioWare in the past. We get a bit here and a bit there, and that’s about it.

This time thanks to IGN we’ve got a video showing off some of the suits’ abilities. It’s not all of them, apparently, but they provide a nice glimpse at what these things are going to be about. Take a look. it’s quite pretty.

There are going to be four Javelins (classes, in a way) at launch, but I bet more are going to be added later on.

  1. Interceptor looks like an agile, assassin-type suit, comfortable with fast and deadly dagger-like weapons. One wonders how the person inside doesn’t get at least dizzy from all that spinning during the Ult. Oh well.
  2. Ranger seems to be a long-to-mid range fighter, with missile barrages and some melee ability. Perhaps the most versatile Javelin, from the looks of it.
  3. Colossus is going to be your resident vaguely humanoid tank, with a devastating cannon, thick armour, and a deployable shield. Not very mobile, though.
  4. Storm is the wizard. Summoning aberrant weather conditions, flying on what looks like a jet of compressed air, and fire-punching dudes in the face, I have no clue how Storm fits with the SF aesthetic, but it apparently does. And looks badass.

Anthem is going to launch sometime in 2019, assuming nothing horrible happens, and we’re going to update you with the most interesting information regarding BioWare’s attempt at making Warframe: A Titanfall Destiny*.

Which suit looks like the most fun to you? Do let us know. Me, I’m all for Storm.

*yes, comparing Anthem to either of the three is boring, reductive, and generally useless.