See what’s coming in Diablo III update 2.5.0

Well, this patch is one of the most interesting news today, so blame the market, not me.

Diablo III will soon receive another major update – patch 2.5.0 that includes the highly requested Armory feature. With this addition, you will be able to store five complete builds for each character. You’ll quickly switch not only items, but also skills, runes and gems.

Any items equipped via the Armory will automatically swap to wherever the exchanged equipment was stored—whether that’s back into your stash or your personal inventory. Gems and Legendary Gems will also swap and, if you ‘ve upgraded or leveled up your gems, the Armory will automatically select the highest quality or level available for that gem type. Lastly, your skill bar will also update to your selected skills, rune, and Kanai’s Cube power preferences, and you’re welcome to name your setups whatever you like!

Unfortunately, Paragon points won’t be stored so you’ll have to redistribute those. Other fixes coming with Update 2.5.0 include changed the UI for crafting materials – now available with a separate tab. There are also some changes with the Adventure Mode and Legendary Items, but if you need details, we suggest checking Blizzard’s official blog note.

Crafting materials UI

Crafting materials UI