You may remember that the first time Sega tried to patch crashes out of Yakuza 0, it just cause more issues. Well, now we’re back.

Yakuza 0


When Sega first introduced the patch, it didn’t fix a lot and reportedly more people started to experience issues. Sega’s response at the time was for the people to fiddle with their games’ ini. files. But clearly it wasn’t a good solution. They took the patch down and started working on round two. The patch is back, accompanied by a short message by Sega.

The full patch notes go as follows:

  • Fix for crashes on boot and in cutscenes/gameplay.
  • Fix for crash when using Staminans to gain consecutive Heat abilities during Chapter 10 Fight.
  • Fix for crash in Pocket Circuit mini-game after selecting a rematch with an opponent.

Here’s for hoping that second time’s the charm and all the crashing issues are resolved for good. For the record, I experienced no issues with Yakuza 0 (except for the obvious issue with my 16×10 monitor, thanks Japan), but I hope you all can enjoy Yakuza 0 in peace now.