How about that, the good folks at Croteam are bringing back the best muscle-bound shooter guy since Blazkowicz. No, not Duke Nukem, don’t be silly.

Serious Sam, with his trademark white shirt, blue jeans, and rogueish charm of Bruce Campbell is finally coming back after a long, long time. Seven years, in fact, if we count only the main entries. For those not in the know: Serious Sam is a franchise of intense first-person shooters set in a universe which seems to exist only to give you things to shoot. Sam himself is snarky, brutal, and generally unfazed by the hordes of monsters coming at him. He’s like the Doomguy who actually has fun and enjoys the sun.

What does the reveal mean for us? No ideaaaaaaaa <blam> but the trailer is cheerful, bloody, doesn’t give a hoot and is filled with classic beheaded kamikazes, so everything seems to be in order. The game is apparently going to be released for PC, judging by the Steam store address in the teaser, but maybe console versions are planned for a later date.

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is currently announced at best, but developer Croteam promises its presence on this year’s E3. When that happens, we will keep you updated.