The long-awaited title Conan Exiles, the hardcore fantasy version of Second Life, steadily marches towards release. In preparation, the devs perform groundwork.

It’s been a while since Conan Exile received any kind of attention, but once upon a time it was rather hyped (mostly for very graphic nudity it flagrantly engages in) and certainly much has changed since the day it entered early access.

The project has certainly grown in scale and ambition. One has to wonder how well balanced all these promised features are, as I struggle to imagine this expansive system is not going to be abused one way or another, if the player-base gets large enough.

To that effect Funcom, the game’s developer, plans massive wipes of accounts of people playing in early access. Which is understandable, since the game is feature-complete and ready for launch, the creators want an equal footings for the players. They are also most concerned with issues pertaining to optimization as reportedly Conan Exiles can… Struggle sometimes.