While the Mayan apocalypse is something to be feared, there’s a nice city to explore before we get there.

Paititi will serve as a hub area connecting the game world together, even though the game isn’t really open world. So think Dragon Age 2 I guess? It serves as an entrance point for various side-quests involving pillaging optional tombs. You can also buy and sell items there. It ostensibly has a “thriving economy” although how a city cut off from the rest of the world can trade goods is anyone’s guess.

You can also look for clues on the ancient murals to gain insight into new locations you might want to visit, which is cool, I really like the fact that Lara can utilize her archaeological skills to such an extent.

One thing I have to mention about the trailer that went uncommented on is the exquisite camera work—it follows Lara very closely in the city, but in the wide open areas outside it zooms out to give you the perspective you need only to zoom back in when you’re exploring tight spaces for this amazing claustrophobic feel.

Oh, and you can put on an “immersive mode” to listen to the locals in their native language which really is cool. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is indeed gearing up to be a worthy sequel to the successful reboot of the series.