Well, it’s as unexpected as the Spanish Inquisition, I suppose.

Electronic Arts has announced another Game Pack for The Sims 4, this time a vampire-themed one. It will release on January 24th on Origin and here’s the trailer:

As you see, you will be able to create new Sims, now touched with vampirism. You’ll be surprised but although we mentioned blood in the title, it is Plasma that the vampires will be consuming. It’s even more derogatory than lecture of Twilight

Vampires will have their set of Powers, which include the ability to turn other Sims into plasma suckers (?). Regular and Dark Form of the characters are mentioned, as well as various items to personalize your Sims.

The biggest addition is Forgotten Hollow, a new world in The Sims 4 ready for your vampires. Equipment to modify your undead home is on the way. “There’s also new coffin beds, that your Vampire Sim can totally WooHoo in.,” press release states. WooHoo.