Multiple reports and rumors across the Internet suggest that the developer of critically acclaimed action-adventure game Sleeping Dogs may be closing down.

There are several hints that confirm the rumors. First of all, the studio’s recent game, SMASH+GRAB is no longer available for purchase on Steam Early Access.

SMASH+GRAB is a multiplayer competitive action game, focused on gang warfare and indiscriminate looting. The game was still in an early access state, and recently has a free weekend on Steam when it was pulled.

The other possible confirmation is a tweet from Jen Timms, one of the studio’s producers, reading as follows: “Currently mourning the best job I’ve ever had, and the most wonderful team I’ve ever worked with. The end of a great era. Goodbye, UFG.”

While it could also mean that she is leaving the job on her own, the timing is certainly odd.

Until the studio issues an official statement all that is available should be treated as informed speculation.