We’ve received details of the post-launch content coming soon.

As always, let’s start with the video – this time it’s Sniper Elite 4’s launch trailer:

We’ve also learned some details about the game’s Season Pass. If you buy it after the release of the main game, it grants you access to Target: Führer DLC and Camouflage Rifle Skin Pack. There’s also access to three additional story campaigns and that includes something worrying – it “features massive, diverse new environments that eventually lead Karl out of Italy for a thrilling finale”.

We hope that the original game doesn’t end abruptly. Releasing with those campaigns will be expansion pack and each will include three new weapons, eight new weapon skins and two new characters. Season Pass holders will receive three further weapon packs and three additional characters to use in co-op and mutliplayer.

It was confirmed as well that all multiplayer maps and modes will be shared for free with all players.