Now there’s certainly more than Kojima to look at here so without further ado, let’s watch.


Starting with a deep dive into the Last of Us 2. Ellie has certainly grown up to be a strong and independent woman who don’t need no Joel. Lesbian romance plus stealth-based gameplay with crafting and really fluid-looking combat. What more could I possibly want? Oh, yeah, I know, for this game to not be a PS4 exclusive. Can’t have it all, can we?

During the short pre-show intermission we saw a couple interesting things, including some new features for Call of Duty Black Ops, a slew of new Playstation VR games and a reveal teaser for Destiny 2’s Frosaken expansion, featuring one of the primary support characters- Cayde, seemingly dying. Heavy stuff.

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Then we saw a geameplay trailer for gorgeous Ghost of Tsushima offering a very robust combat system designed around samurai combat– parries and counter-attacks seem very important and the game features a stealth system somewhat reminiscent from that of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Sasuga Sony.

We were then shown a trailer for Control- a fascinating if cryptic mixture of action, puzzle and horror. Seriously this really must be a Japanese thing, because like at Square Enix’s these games are absolutely mesmerizing but I have so little context to go on. Observe and tell me if you know what this means:

And immediately after that we got an exceptional trailer for the speculated remaster of Resident Evil 2. For a while it was either that or Devil may Cry 5 but E3 decided to surprise all of us and deliver both. Absolutely splendid. Resident Evil 7 was such a glorious return to form, it’s so good to see the return of action horror genre in full swing. Cannot wait.

We then saw Kingdom Hearts for the third bloody time (they are pushing this game like crazy), but now also featuring… Jack Sparrow? Oh no. Oh please no. Come on guys, Skull and Bones, don’t kill my hype with Pirates of the Caribbean. I… I am not looking forward to this.

And then, finally… Oh yes. This is it. The milestone. We ate that sandwich. We crashed that car. We bought that T-shirt. Lades and gentlemen, I give you: Death Stranding!

I have NO idea what just happened. All I know is I got mooned by a baby and I’m absolutely loving it. Wait, that sounded very wrong. In any case, I think we’ve finally seen some gameplay and it seems like the game is going to put a big emphasis on exploration and stealth and as has been theorized before, the flashlight-like device seems to be what you use to spot and avoid enemies during the game.

After which we were shown something that none of us quite expected. Apparently we can look forward to Nioh 2- a souls-like action RPG from Team Ninja. seeing how FromSoft is developing Sekiro, it’s going to be interesting seeing the battle of two ostensibly similar games inside a similar setting. My money is on FromSoft.

And we end on a long gameplay trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Spiderman and looking quite promising. The Arkham City-style combat and web-swinging looks fluid, cinematic and fun.

This was a satisfying show to be sure. That does it with the conferences folks! We will now be moving to the main events, but the format may change slightly. Don’t worry, I’m gonna kep ya’ll posted. Peace!