So that fighting game with guest appearance by Geralt of Rivia came out. And while it was highly anticipated and somewhat controversial, due to relegating some of the longstanding staple characters of the series to the DLCs, all of it was eclipsed by its most entertaining feature.

SoulCalibur 6 Big Boss


That feature is the returning SoulCalibur custom character creator, which is at this point a staple of the series. It was pretty great back in SoulCalibur 5, allowing players to come up with some spiffy designs, but this feature has been improved upon even further in the new title.

Though maybe not exactly in the most… Straightforward ways. See, it allows players nigh limitless freedom in creating the character, with tons of sliders and cosmetic additions that can do pretty much anything… And herein lies the problem. There’s of course a lot of things you’d expect: a plethora of anime characters, heroes from other games, undignified attempts at parodying politicians and celebrities… You know, the usual.

But then there are… Other things. As you can expect, with the robustness of the feature, there’s a strong sexual undertone to a lot of the creations. They are definitely NSFW, so I can’t post them, but suffice to say there’s a certain well-endowed lizard that’s making the rounds on ye reddits (and presumably Tinder). There are weirder things still: an obligatory visit by Sonic (of course), weird mishmashes of limbs and mouths, and ominous shapes of non-euclidean geometry that seem to bend space and lack determinable hit-boxes.

Soulcalibur 6 Sonic


Bandai however seems to have taken all of this in stride. Given that you have to explicitly allow player creations in your matches, everyone seems to be on the same page on this one. Chairman George of Super Bunnyhop commented on this and described the phenomena as “TTP: time ’till penis” and yeah, that seems fairly accurate.

I for one am very happy to see player creativity celebrated in such a wholesome way. In memory of Monster Factory, it’s good to see we can all continue this beautiful tradition. Shine on, you crazy diamonds, make your creativity glisten like stars in the night sky.