Free trials and a final DLC are released for people who wish to join/continue the revolution.

We’ve already reported that some goodies are coming to Homefront: The Revolution. Players who didn’t have a chance to play the game will be able to test it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Free Trial version is already available on their respective digital shops.

It’s not a separate version and in fact it’s a full game download that will allow to keep your progress and buy a full version. If you want to test it first, there’s around four hours of gameplay in total with the first Red Zone available. What’s even more interesting, you’ll get full access to the Resistance Mode in Free Trial – it’s a 4-player co-op mode giving you unlimited gameplay. Nice!

Meanwhile, Beyond the Walls – the final DLC for Homefront: The Revolution – got released. It’s described as “the largest piece of single player content, set in a new rural environment beyond the walls of Philadelphia that feels much more similar to the original Homefront’s setting.” It’s free for Expansion Pass holders, but you can get it separately.

Finally, PS4 Pro users will appreciate the latest update that will render the game in 1440p with all UI elements in 4K. Framerate is “improved,” but there’s no official information if there’s any FPS lock. Oh, and “the well-loved Easter egg content is now rendered in native 4K,” but we won’t spoil it.