It was expected to release this week, but not in a form of a leaked video.

Star Wars Celebration takes place this week and everyone expected that Star Wars Battlefront II will receive its first proper trailer on April 15th. Unfortunately for EA, the video was leaked online:

As you see, the second game in the rebooted series is all about mixing the various eras from Star Wars movies. There’s a lot from the original trilogy, but prequels are in focus with some scenes from the sequel trilogy (The Force Awakens and probably a bit from The Last Jedi a.k.a. Episode VIII).

What’s more interesting, is the fact that Star Wars Battlefront II will include a single player story campaign. You can notice some scenes from it in the trailer. It appears that we’ll play as an Imperial pilot, probably somewhere after the Battle of Endor.

The other interesting thing is Darth Maul being present in one scene with Yoda. That suggests that we may get more modes with hero battles. Now it’s time to pray for lightsaber duels!