It looks great and we hope that the project won’t be killed by a horde of lawyers.

I’m one of those Star Wars fans who believe that the IP is now in another golden era. The “Legacy” canon became a mess before Disney bought the rights to clean it up. As for now there’s one movie per year coming to cinemas and a few games are in development. We have to be patient before we’ll see further announcements and it’s worth noticing that there’s a list of fan-developed projects.

As it appears, one of them is an Unity-based remake of Star Wars: X-Wing, a game published in February 1993. Above you can watch a 14-minute long video introducing us to the refreshed gameplay. It’s really close to the original and looks really clean.

We all do know that this project based is on certain copyrights. It might be not long until Disney’s team will knock on the developer’s door and ask gently to stop. If that’s the case, I hope the idea will live in a form similar to Galaxy in Turmoil – it originated as a Star Wars: Battlefront 3 remake and became a standalone project expected to release next year on Steam (demo planned for Q3 2017).