How up to date is your game library? Because the new G2A sale can help you catch up.

We’ve had a bunch of cool releases in the past two years or so, haven’t we? Stuff like Vermintide 2, Frostpunk, Divinity: Original Sin 2… The point is: it can be hard to keep your game library up to date with all the interesting and well-received games without straining your budget.

Which is where G2A’s ‘Choose your Deal’ sale comes in. Coming to all the interested parties with the headline “Games you can’t miss” it aims to deliver to you some of the games you really wanted to buy recently, but never found a good enough offer.

g2a destock sale


The sale is going to run from July 16th to July 23rd, a full week with great games, both relatively recent and actually recent. Are you going to partake of the offers?