This year’s E3 was a fantastic event, all things considered, a definite improvement over last year’s and in no small part thanks to CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077 which featured very prominently.

We learned a whole lot about the game from CDPR’s booth and the gameplay demo which only some people were able to see (ironic, for a game about punks fighting the elitist, corporate dominion), cluing us in about all the design and gameplay choices.

Following the news that Cyberpunk 2077 will actually be played exclusively in the first person perspective like an FPS, a lot of fans were upset about, forgetting of course that the very staple of this kind story, Deus Ex, was a first person game as well. We know that the game takes place in a single, large city area instead of being open-world and puts a large emphasis on verticality, for which the chosen perspective makes sense.

We also know that despite the core FPS mechanics, the game is first and foremost an RPG so story, dialogue, player choices and character progression are the most important and chromed out (heh) elements of the game.

We’ve seen that the game tries to be as close an adaptation to the source material as possible, exploring all the themes of Cyberpunk and bringing the recognition of the dystopian outlook to the wider audience.

The reports coming from those who were able to witness the gameplay certainly paint in a very positive light, though we still aren’t any close to the reveal of the launch date.