Virtual Reality

We sure are moving fast with the VR technologies. What seemed like a pipe dream a decade ago is slowly moving into a place of commercial availability (because let’s be honest, we can’t say we live in a VR era if only the rich can afford the hardware).

But more to the point, we’re finding the solutions to the issue of VR just requiring too much darn space. It’s awkward to empty your room such that you have enough space to walk around with your Oculus on. But, BUT! We’re working on it. Companies like Omnifinity are working on special pieces of equipment like VR treadmills to afford gamers as much freedom as possible. Thus far this tech is impressive but… Expensive. Very, very expensive. But as we move forward (or in place, as it were) it should get cheaper and more available. And in not-so-distant future, people allocating an area of their living space for a VR treadmill, much like people who like to work out do now with normal “analog” treadmills, might become a staple. With that, you could be ready to jump onto your very own, personal bridge at any time and “assume direct control”. What a time to be alive.