The Japanese console’s library is ever growing.

Minecraft: Story Mode appeared on Switch recently and other games from Telltale are apparently coming to the console.

We’ve been hearing rumors about it from retailers and online stores here and there but now Telltale’s Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer confirmed it in an interview for Rocket Beans TV:

I think you know as a studio that prides itself in having our games, the same games, that you play on a big PlayStation console, is the same thing you will play on a telephone. The Switch is that happy medium of the two. It’s part console and it’s part mobile. So it just feels natural on the Switch and we love it. Minecraft, the first game, came out today. I think you can expect to see other titles like Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe Minecraft Season 2 in the future. We don’t have dates yet but we’re big fans of the platform. More Telltale titles are coming to the Switch, stay tuned.

Yes, please.