Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 5: City of Light debuts today.

If you have played Telltale’s games in the past you are surely familiar with the decision system. Players’ choices rarely influence the middle episodes of their series. It’s a different case when it comes to finales. Depending on your choices in Episode 4 you will begin the final chapter in a different place.

“In Episode 5, the leader of the Children of Arkham prepares to execute the final act of a plan to destroy the Wayne family name, and the people closest to you are in their path of vengeance. Can Batman’s ultimate secret be kept – his very identity – when it is causing chaos and death in Gotham? The fate of the Wayne family and of the city itself rests on your choices. What will you do? How far will you go? Which mask will you wear?,” we read in the official description.

The first episode of Batman – The Telltale Series is now available for free on Steam.