Dinner with space mom.

Warframe has become something of a revelation last year after it got a lot of publicity thanks to its huge Plains of Eidolon update, but the game had a strong community even before that, and one expression of that is the TennoCon, an annual event celebrating all the cool stuff going on in the game, community, and the Digital Extremes Studio itself.

This year’s TennoCon comes on July 7th, and starting tomorrow (February 28th) everyone will be able to get tickets for it on a dedicated website. The tickets are coming in several price ranges, depending on how present do you want to be. Pass for digital participation comes at 20 USD, while those for physically present participants range from 30 CAD (Canadian bucks) to 1000 CAD. Of course each tier comes with a huge bunch of goodies to grab, so it’s not like you’re paying for nothing.

The loot includes collector statues, meeting with the devteam, in-game bonuses, even getting to voice an NPC. The full loot table can be seen on Warframe’s official website.