If Doomfist finally appears in Blizzard’s game, there’s an actor ready for action.

There are multiple characters in the works as confirmed by the Blizzard’s summary video. One of them is possibly Doomfist, who originally wasn’t intended to become a playable Hero, but you know… gamers.

Doomfist is a moniker used by at least three characters in Overwatch’s universe. One of them was defeated by Winston and his glove taken by the fan-favourite genetically engineered gorilla. There’s another Doomfist already active, but only small nods are visible in-game.

Terry Crews
Terry Crews in Blizzard’s HQ

And, as it appears, Terry Crews himself wants to play the character. Crews is a fan of Overwatch and he had a chance to visit Blizzard’s HQ in December. Now his candidature got an endorsement from The Rock:


Who knows, maybe it’s a long-ongoing game and Crews is already the Doomfist?