Ubisoft is blowing up lately ain’t it? I would probably be getting bored by now, but I know, deep down inside, that this is all leading something great. #NewSplinterCell.

The closed beta starts May 31st and will show off the early stages and modes of the game. There’s still time to sign up if you want to take this one for a spin, you can do so here.

The big selling point of The Crew 2 is the sheer flexibility it offers players in how they can approach racing- on land with a bike or car, on water with boats and even in air with planes. This is something that GTA 5 online has done with the so-called “transform races” where cars change into other vehicles at specific points of the race. Now in the Crew 2, this is not determined by the map- the players have complete freedom to change their tactics whenever, wherever.

Which is definitely very interesting. It’s good to see the formula for racing games evolve in such a fascinating way. I mean you can make car racing game for only so long, there is just so much you can do with that. But when transforming vehicles are involved? The sky is literally the limit.