The natural conclusion to the GTA’s idea of transform races, Ubisoft’s the Crew 2, is out now, but apparently not everyone can enjoy it.

The game is now playable on XboxOne and PS 4, but is inexplicably nonfunctional on Steam. Ubisoft and Steam always had a strange relationship given Ubisoft’s incessant demand to utilize its own, Uplay platform, but the problem never involved a highly anticipated new title like the Crew 2.

Launching the game prompts a request for a CD key, which, well, you don’t have. I feel like given my platform it behooves me to inform you—this ain’t a problem with the key you got, it’s on Ubi. So before you go on Reddit and start screaming how you got scammed for a non-working Steam key, check the news. Ubisoft and Valve are working on it.

We don’t know how long this state of things will last, but I’m sure Valve is putting their best, brightest minds to solve the issue, so it shouldn’t take too long.