Irony the likes of which we haven’t seen since Agony’s reviews began coming in.

The Culling 2 needed to happen. I don’t mean the game itself, it’s mediocre at best, but the whole phenomenon surrounding its release, the backlash against it and its subsequent failure is something that had to happen sooner or later and it happening this soon is pretty telling.

For those living under a rock—the Culling 2 is a Battle Royale game by Xaviant that was released a couple of days ago. Like I said, by all accounts it’s completely mediocre. The problem of course is that it came in a time when giants have already cornered the market on Battle Royale and just being “another one” doesn’t quite cut it. It coming out as a result of halting the development on original Culling didn’t help either.

The Culling 2 was being mercilessly pounded on Steam, with the reviews sitting at a thoroughly impressive 13% positive. It could possibly be the Room of video games.

In better times even the idea of a developer stopping the development of a game to release a sequel would be absurd. Add a dash of Battle Royale et voila. Now, I have no ill will towards Xaviant, but I hope the developers in the future will learn from this disaster.