In anticipation of the September 14th release of the sequel to the widely successful reboot of Tomb Raider series, a new trailer was dropped.

The trailer promises exactly what I want: more suffering. I know this will be misconstrued, but genuinely the best part of the previous game, to me, was watching Lara suffer through all the horrible things that come with trying desperately to survive.

In the new game, Lara is an established Tomb Raider and filled with adventurous spirit seeks bigger and bigger challenges. And this time it seems she might have gone a step to far and triggered the very end of the world by robbing a grave. Classic rookie mistake. At some point this happens to all Indiana Jones wannabes right?

To me, this is super cool. A real descent of a really strong hero, who must not only survive the terrors of inhospitable jungle, but also the collapse of her own mind at the sheer horror. A story is only as strong as its major conflict and this is shaping up to going into real Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now territory. Perfect.