Perhaps taking some time with this one is warranted, given the current controversy surrounding both Bethesda and mobile games published by large companies.

A surprise tweet from Beth made on Friday has pushed the release of the mobile Elder Scrolls game for possibly a couple of months. This actually marks a second delay to the game originally scheduled for September. Then again Blades is actually coming out on PC, consoles and VR after it makes its grand debut on mobile. So it would make sense to take your time with the release.

Of course those more conspiratorial among us may have their suspicions. The gigantic dumpster-fire that is the controversy surrounding the fallout of Fallout 76 is something that is still ringing out violently in my head and it’s understandable that Bethesda might want to distance these two games from each other timeline-wise, if for no reason other than optics.

Of course the more unsavory of us will claim that this is evidence of Blades being a cynical cash-grab fallow-up to a cynical cash-grab. But to those people anything would be evidence of that, so I’m choosing to ignore it. Fallout 76’s unfortunate situation is inevitably going to sour our impression of Blades anyway, might as well give it some breathing room.

Of course a big part of me wishes that it’s a move made to make sure Blades is up to the standards of quality and improvements are made with the game’s immanent release on PC and consoles, but I’m not holding my breath. Blades certainly looks interesting, given the right treatment the more linear nature of it compared to say, Skyrim, could actually work really well. And on the plus side, it’s a different engine, so progress?

Although it’s vastly more likely that it will just cause it to be hugely repetitive. That’s just the thing, I have faith in Todd’s ability to provide me with a sprawling sandbox where I can create my own fun, but no offense, I don’t have much faith in his ability to bring me a gripping, involved, linear story. You’re great at things you’re great at, Todd.

In any case, much like everyone, I’ll try it out once it comes out on Steam. If it comes out on Steam.