The ominous comet soaring above Fornite‘s lush landscape of murder and impromptu construction-works has finally descended. Given that we’re all still here, it went better than estimated.

The day is finally here (and I’m slightly late to the party because on May 1st I’m legally obligated not to work where I live). That great heavenly body in the sky has finally came and… It did not destroy Tilted Towers. To I’m sure dismay of many.

The meteor actually hit Dusty Depot, transforming it into a humongous crater. Throughout the fissure you’ll find glowing Hop-Rocks which scattered off of the comet. These single-use consumables will allow you to jump to truly radical heights (heh) and land safely. Which turns the newly christened Dusty Divot into a strange spectacle of jumping players. Like the old Counter Strike, only more cartoony and bizarre.

A few new changes have been added to the map and although Tilted Towers remains almost the same, for now it has lost its appeal due to crater’s novelty.

Also, with season 4‘s arrival, Epic is starting to expand on Fortnite’s lore by adding the special Blockbuster Event (oh god, these puns are amazing) questline which has PCs band into a makeshift superhero team (because that’s still topical?) and fight an alien threat.

There is something fiendishly ironic about the merry manics of Fortnite styling themselves superheroes. It’s like something straight outta Borderlands, I love it.

There’s a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Way too much for me to go into detail about everything, so here’s the full notes.