The Sea of Thieves is an interesting, albeit ultimately slightly underwhelming game that briefly captured the attention of many with its promise: a large, open world you tackle on cooperatively as pirates.

For now, Sea of Thieves seems a bit… Barren. There’s just long periods of sailing about and, well, nothing happening. Comparisons to No Man’s Skies are not uncommon. The difference of course is that Sea of Thieves never attempted to overhype itself, so such comparisons only really come from people who overhyped the title for themselves.

In any case, a new expansion is coming to Sea of Thieves on May 29th, the appropriately named Hungering Deep in which, if we are to take the trailer at face value, we’ll be able to summon gigantic sea creatures, ally them, tackle crazy cults devoted to them or battle them ourselves. Awesome.

The Sea of Thieves ultimately needs a lot more work, but each such major content-infusion makes the game that much more interesting. Also, I encourage you to visit the Sea of Theieves official YouTube channel, the transparency these guys offer their player-base is impressive.