What a time to be alive. Gamescom rolled in and new trailers came with it.

One I am particularly fond of due to my dalliance with the DMC series is, obviously, the new sort-of gameplay trailer to Capcom goofy-yet-stylish franchise. In it not only Nero almost dies crushed under a van driven by his associate, but Dante gives us another “yee-haw” and… well, just watch. It’s so beautiful this textual devil might just cry.

Yes. Dante splits his bike in two and uses both halves to kill some demons. If that doesn’t scream “DEVIL MAY CRY” to you, you clearly haven’t played DMC3. His nephew Nero is in the trailer too, I guess, showcasing some moves using his Red Queen mechanical sword, and some both familiar and new tricks with his now-cybernetic Devil Bringer arm. He apparently kept his strength and contextual counters with it, so that’s very nice.

Oh, and the good thing? Devil May Cry 5 is slated for release on March 8th next year. How about that, huh?

And there’s something even better, if you can believe it! We got some fifteen minutes of gameplay, courtesy of good folks at IGN.

‘The time has come and…’ yeah, let’s not go there.