Possibly the best thing to ever happen to Fortnite ias coming back. We can all rejoice now.

The Playground Mode, which greatly boosts crafting materials acquisition and provides immediate, infinite respawns is coming back. Last time it was an absolute blast with people using it to build huge and crazy structures, impossible Rub Goldberg monstrosities of rails and carts and recreating famous landmarks form other games in real life.

This time Playground Mode witll be accessible in 2v2 and 1v1 versions for an even more laid back experience. Additionally new social features will be implemented to let people better use the time they have. Unfortunately the turn time limits are still clicking for 60 minutes, so you can’t dilly-dally forever. But hey, a time constraint is a great challenge factor! Somedy we’ll be getting construction speedruns.

Can’t wait to see what people build this time.